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About Indonesian restaurant Bojo

After years of sailing on the Holland America Line, cousins ​​Bob and John started Indonesian restaurant Bojo fifty years ago. They wanted a place where you could eat extensively until late in the evening, as they had seen in many cities around the world. The cozy Bojo with its authentic Indonesian cuisine was an immediate hit, and both foreign visitors and Amsterdammers quickly found the restaurant. Bojo is still one of the most popular Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam.


Our kitchen

Restaurant Bojo has always worked with Indonesian chefs. Only they know how to create that delicious, authentic taste that everyone loves so much. We always use high quality products, sourced from local producers where possible.



Image by Akharis Ahmad
soto ayam DSC_0204-kl.jpg

Indonesian cuisine

Indonesian cuisine is very rich and diverse. Indonesia consists of more than 1,000 inhabited islands, all of which have their own specific dishes. Families often have their own recipes that are passed on to a new generation. Indonesian cuisine does have a number of common features. The staple food is rice and the dishes are always richly used with herbs and spices. The best known are ginger root (djahé), koenjit (turmeric), cumin (djinten), ketoembar (coriander seed) and sereh (lemon grass). In addition, products such as coconut, peanuts and bumbus (herb pastes) are often used.

Indonesian cuisine works a lot with contrasting flavors. For example, a fresh dish is often served with hot dishes, such as atjar ketimoen (sweet and sour cucumber).

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